Saturday, January 15, 2011

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Jan 1st, First day of 2011

New years Eve had been very warm, as was the day before., so it looked good for a trip out to the Pohopoco Creek. This is a Tailwater  that comes out below the Dam at Beltzville reservoir a few miles up creek from the Lehigh river.  In Winter it does not freeze like most all other streams.
    I called a friend, Dale Leader from Yardley and he came out to my house and we headed out to Parryville Dam where the Big creek as its locally known falls overtop of and runs a few hundred feet down to the Lehigh river. I was happy to see that we were not alone as three others showed up to fish this stretch as well. Its good to see the cold does not keep people from using their resource.

Dress warm and go have fun! Plenty of room for everyone!

There is a lot of Trout in this creek all the way up to the Beltzville dam. its a good place for fish to get out of the colder water of the Lehigh river. Fishing this in Winter can be very productive.
We started fishing about 10 am but did not start catching until about 12.30 when a hatch of some small flies came off the water. The trout were taking size 16 to 18 beadhead pheasant tails and I caught one nice brown about 13 inches and missed a couple more as these fish strike so slowly you miss many more than you hook.
They will also take Big streamers like muddler minnows, clousers, woolly buggers and stuff like that.
This time of year a Trout will take anything that comes along as so little food is available.

So like I said,   Dress warm and go have fun!