Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Its been a long time since iv,e posted an article here and so I hope I find your all  healthy and happy and ready for a new fishing season.
This winter was very warm as most all of you know but I had found it not as easy to predict fishing conditions as I had in the past.
the warmer days just did not produce the action I have in the past enjoyed and so this winter I did not hook and land as many trout as i have in the past winters
I also did not catch my winter Dooossie!, like I have in past winters and am not sure why, except to say the trout may have been confused due to the unusually warm weather and the possibility of the hatches of insects being confused also.
This made winter last a little longer as a good sized trout just makes things so much brighter.
This spring has started off slower then usual but I have gotten some better reports as of late from many of my fishing buddies that are out more then I have been.
In the fall, I brought back my camper to do some upgrades and touch ups on as well as a new storm door and repaint, and so on the better fishing days Ive been on that project instead of fishing and every time I look at the old girl I see more things I want to do, like wet sand the polyurethane that I did 4 coats of on the inside of camper on the knotty pine bead board planks that I finished the camper in years back.
the polyurethane is minwax helmsman spar varnish and looks great but I have found that if you use 1200 grit then 1500 grit then 2000 grit wet sanding with each, then use a car finish swirl remover polish, then finish it with a good carnuba wax you can get the finish like that of a fine cars paint finish and it then looks unbelievably AWESOME!  So I am staying on the project til its done and this way out at camp i can simply EAT, SLEEP, DRINK AND FISH! but not necessarily in that order.
This year out in Tioga the snow did not fall at all
I was told they had just over an inch from one tiny system and that was it!
so I really hope we get some good rains this April without the crazy 6 inches in as many hours that seems to occur more now then in years past