Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Yesterday My friend John F. and I went to his club water on a tributary to the lacawaxen river up in Wayne county. We had great fishing! at about 10 am the little golden stone flies started to come off and for what seems like the first time this year trout were taking them OFF THE SURFACE!
We were very happy to see this. With all the rain this spring on top of all the snow this past winter the water temps have been cold for a long time.
yesterday temp finally came up to 56 degrees at 100 pm. and we were catching fish on top for the first time this year. The trout were not picky at all and we caught them on yellow sally nymphs size 14 and golden stone fly drys 14 as well
John got a rainbow that was 17 1/2 inches at about just shy of 3 pounds. that fish took a nymph.
I got two browns one 14 and the other 15 inches on a green body Caddis size 16 and we both had many fish missed as well as dropped/lost.
It seems now with the air temps in the 70s we can count on Dry fly fishing to be very good here on out!
My hunch is this summer is going to get hot fast so go now before its to warm for fish to be caught and handled without stressing them to the point that they wont survive it.
Many fish are killed this way every year and fishermen don't even know the fish they just released is now dead on the bottom.