It seems now more than ever we don't know when we can get away to go fishing.
With things how they are nowadays nobody knows when they can get away for a day to fish until sometimes the day before.This can be tough for me too, as in season, if I,m not Guiding locally I,m often Fly Fishing by myself, with friends or Guiding on one of the many Rivers,Streams or Creeks near my camp in north central or central PA or later in the summer at the New Jersey Shore.

All of these locations are pretty far from Jim Thorpe.

I,ve had calls to fish the next day and had to decline because I,m not able to go on such short notice.
To drive back, make sure I have the right Flies, Roast a Turkey breast or Beef  Roast, sometimes both,   bake bread and make salads is just too much.  Flies have to be right for the time of season as well as River,Stream or Creek they will be Fished  and food is made fresh the day before,and all this takes time.
If I,m home already and don't have the next day booked I can do all this.

I understand that Fly Fishing is not about a Stream-side lunch but It is about being prepared. Please keep this in mind when booking a trip.