Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 4th to May 13th report on the Pine creek north central PA.

This week has been great fishing on the Pine with water levels very good and temps perfect.  In the morning water temps have been mid to upper 40s and mid to upper 50s in the afternoon. Hatches have been great with plenty of Caddis in size 16 and 14 tan wing green body.This year they have been so thick that at times the flies were 5 inches apart over the creek. And on some days it seemed like they were there all day. But that was back in the end of April and the water was very cold and you could only move fish to beadheads with lots of split shot.Now the trout arte very willing to take them in a dry fly form here but even more so they will take the Hendrickson in a size 16 although they are on their way out. Red quills were working well also in a size 16 as well as Adams attractor flies in same size.

Most days start out with Me fishing Bead head nymphs size 16 in a green Caddis pattern with a prince nymph and a pheasant tail tied into my leader and lots of split shot to get em down. this way I cover all food sources and keep all fish happy and well fed. I fish the riffles in camp and do pretty good some mornings I stung maybe 18 landing 9 one day. later in the morning I can fish dries and start getting a steady pick of trout that way for the rest of the day off and on til dark with after 4 in the afternoon being best time for most action.

Yesterday a friend and I went down creek all the way to slate run and thinking ahead like I try to do I brought some Green Drakes with me just in case. I'm sure glad I did as they were just starting to show in the afternoon there and at Navel run I caught a 15 inch rainbow on the male Drake pattern I was tossing. We did not move to many more fish but got three before leaving to come back to my camp on the upper Pine some 30 miles through the most  beautiful mountain farm country you might see in PA. The weather has been typical with thunderstorms almost everyday somewhere out here and today one must have been heavy up creek this afternoon cause when I went to fish the water was high and off color a bit so I got my steamer rod with the rio 150 density compensated line on the reel out and casted some big rabbit fur flies along the shore and got one tiger trout that went 13 inches then I went back to my site to make dinner early as not much was happening on the water.  

Over all its been a great trip and I cant wait to get back here in another week or so to keep up the great fishing. we stock many big fish very soon and The green drakes should be on up here in camp in another two weeks here and that's what I live for. BIG TROUT ON BIG FLIES!