I am a senior Fly casting instructor with  American Fly Fishing Schools.
I can instruct students from novice to advanced abilities.

50.00 per hour with two hour minimum
4 hours for one 150.00
4 hours for two 250.00
Group rates also available.

Lesson times are very flexible and can be as long or as short as you would like.   
Price will be adjusted to the amount of time instruction is given.

I can give a lesson just about anywhere there is a pond or a lake or even a nice grassy lawn. This way WADERS ARE NOT NEEDED to learn fly casting.I can meet you at a place that is convenient for you, that may be close to your home or on a favorite lake, stream or river if you wish.

I have instructed classes as large as 50 students at one time and as small as 1 student.
Students should bring their own Fly Rods/Reels so I can see if your outfit is correct for the target species.
If you do not have one I can supply one at no charge. This way NO GEAR IS NECESSARY TO LEARN FLY CASTING
lessons include, Casting instruction, Rigging leaders, Knot tying technique's  and an all round explanation of when and  how to Fish different types flies and why they catch fish.