Saturday, February 23, 2013


Going back today to the same pocket I got the TWO BIG RAINBOWS from on Tues. Its going to snow then turn to rain. I think that should do something for the bite. The river seems to be holding at about the same level as Tues according to the USGS. site.  Hope to have more great news when I get back.
Okay that's fishin! I went to that same run and within 10 mins I hooked AND LOST another great fish.
It looked to be over 20 inches, at least as fat and a rainbow also. I decided to rest the pocket and try another spot downstream. I find an Island in the middle of the river and go to the downstream side of it where there is a rock about the size of my truck right in the middle of the tail out. I cast a few times and down goes my indicator I lift and I,m on what turns out to be about a 21 inch female rainbow and she slips my hook and foul hooks herself on the next hook down my leader. I play her for maybe two mins til she pops off at my feet Where I could clearly see she was ABOUT 21 inches.It seems today that the trout are just barely kissing the fly so it cant get a good hook set into them.   I fish there some more with no luck so I go back to the magic spot as I now call it and find no takers there either. All in All I fished for two hours and had four strikes, so,.. not really a great day, BUT! If I had not gone, I would not have hooked those two big trout.  Its Still better then watchin tv!!

If you want BIG FISH?..... Go to places NOBODY FISHES!
Most guys fish within 100-200 yards of their truck, right next to all the other guys.
IN THE HERD!.. Like Buffalo trampling over the same piece of water. 
Hike away from where you parked,.. like a 1/4 MILE AWAY, until you see no bootprints, then go a little further until you come to the next pool or run/pocket. There, you will be over "unmolested trout", trout that are not fished so hard. I find that the best fish will leave water that is Unsafe and swim up or down to where it is safe.  AWAY FROM THE CROWD. Also Rainstorms spread them out. They still have good holding water with plenty of food and are left alone, Until I come along, it might be a week or more since they have seen any people.
It takes 10 mins to walk there or less if the trail is not too overgrown with thorn bushes, watch out for these as they tear Gor-tex.  If you follow my advice you will find  IT PAYS OFF!!               

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