Sunday, December 11, 2011


A good friend of mine and my most frequent Client John Farhy booked us a trip with Guide John Dembeck     up in Oswego NY. At 7 am he picked us up at our motel and off we went to fish the Sterling Creek.
We drove in our Guides truck to an open water section of the creek and started fishing egg pattern flies.
We are targeting the Brown Trout that are coming up out of Lake Ontario to spawn. These Trout can go very large and this creek is very small!  Right away our Guide points downstream to fish that are swimming up, pushing a wake out in front of them. This is really something to see as normally Brown Trout wont show themselves most any other time. Were fishing with an indicator up a few feet from the fly. These fish will eat eggs as they are falling down creek out of the redds (egg beds) so the fly should be drifted very close to the bottom.   its pretty much bobber fishing but it works. Here we don't get much action so we move to another spot.  
We get back in the truck and John take us to a private stretch on the creek That he posts and patrols, and we find more willing fish.John puts me in a brushy but target rich run and heads off with my buddy to fish water that is not so tight to cast on. My spot is maybe 8 ft wide and 1 ft deep it tails out into less than 2 ft of water.
I can see males fighting for space closest to the female so they can fertilize her eggs. Their backs are out of the water and they roll around and bite each other trying to become the guy to make the next generation of fish.   
I fish this while standing in heavy thicket out of eye-shot of these Trout. I have maybe 5 ft of fly line out the tip of the rod and am roll casting this egg fly over and over until I lift for my next cast and the line gets tight!
Its a big Brown and he starts swimin round the run as best he can trying to shake/brake loose. I get him to the side soon and hes a healthy 10 lbs. After a quick picture I take with my phone I let him go back to his station.  Then I try a spot a few yards upstream and right away hook a Steelhead that has an absolute FIT! I find out finally why Santa Claus laughs the way he does, its gotta be CAUSE HES SO HAPPY!  I now know hes gotta be a Steelhead fisherman. 
This fish was jumpin and flipin 5 times a second, it was the coolest thing I ever saw! After a very short fight I landed her on a sandy gravel bank and let her go right away she was 6 lbs and REALLY PISSED?  I then wander down to see how my buddy John is doing just in time to see him get an 8lb male brown that I took a picture of him and our Guide holding. If you can get up to Oswego NY in early to mid November you can find these Trout and Steelhead up The Oswego Creek as well as the Sterling and many of the other creeks there. Do some homework first and you can find great fishing away from the crowds! 

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