Friday, April 27, 2012


Took a Guy to fish the Pohopoco yesterday and just caught the hell outta them!
got to the falls up by the dam at 800 am and by 830 we caught three browns and one brookie.
fished awhile longer and then moved down stream and found lots more willing fish.
they were taking a size 16 tan body elk hair Caddis. The sky was nicely overcast and that made the fishing great! Every time we moved to another spot we caught more fish, LOTS MORE! We fished all day, ate lunch very quick and did not have any slow down in action. It was Awesome! you could cast upstream and let the fly drift down,  across and let it swing, the fish did not care, you could even drag it upstream and some would strike it. by 830 pm my client had landed 18 browns up to 16 inches and one brookie, dropped or lost probably at least that many. We were beat but very happy!


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