Saturday, October 20, 2012


The Director of the American Fly Fishing Schools, Mike Corblies called me about going up to the Salmon River in Pulaski NY to meet up and fish with Kevin Margosian of  BIG KEVS GUIDE SERVICE.  phone 518 470 7908
Kevin has become our newest member in American Fly Fishing Schools. He invited Mike and I up to fish with him.
very early that morning he picked us up at our motel and off we went to the Salmon river.
Well before dawn we walked out into and up river to get to our run we fished at dawn.
Local law states the fishing can only be done at 1/2 HOUR BEFORE SUNRISE UNTIL 1/2 AFTER SUNSET. So we waited until 6.45 am and started fishing egg pattern flies.
Within minutes we had action, Chinook or (king) Salmon as well as Steelhead were stacked in the run we were on and they took flies every 10 to 20 casts.
Kevin has been fishing this River since he was 9 years old he is now 39 and knows it better than just about anyone. He would make a few casts and hook a Steelie that he was just pointing out to Mike and I.
when the light came up enough Mike had put the Fly rod aside and started filming.
I hooked a King that swam downstream at first, saw all the other sports in the water and went back up past me, and like Joe Morris of the Giants back in the day just kept on going, pulling the Fly about 50 yards upstream.
Just like most fish, he managed to "GET AWAY!"
After more than three hours we landed three kings up to 30 pounds and two steelies up to 9 lbs, but had many more than that hooked and lost.      

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