Monday, October 4, 2010

First Article of 2007

84 Degrees in Williamsport PA on Tuesday March 27th. HHHMMM I wonder if theres something going on with our weather? Maybe there is something to this "Global Warming"!

Time for a Hike!
I load my gear in the truck and take that familiar Cruise to one of my favorite spots. The Mud Run in Hickory Run State Park.


I hike down in to the Creek to find it running clear, a little high and cold 44 Degrees.

I tie on a #8 green beadhead Wooly bugger. I'm casting a Teeny T-130 line, this line has a 24' sinking front section that sinks to about 4 to 6' now on sale for 35.00 normally 82.00 at click this link then go to closeouts.

The leader is short 4' tied down to 4x. The rod is a Sage SP 9' 5wt.

Then I find a nice Riffle and cast across and down letting the fly just swing through, a few more casts and I take one step downstream. I do this until I feel a bump, I lift and I'm on my first Trout since January!

Its like a Great big Aspirin, or that first long gulp of beer after finishing a tough job!
I ask myself, how cool is my backyard??

Its a male brown 12" I release it after sharing a moment when I say,
Go tell Grandpa Paul Healy says "HES CHICKEN" Figuring he might come straighten Me and my line out!

I cast a while longer, Grandpa doesn't show!

So I
hike back up to the truck and drive down to another spot to find someone there already Do I know that truck? Looks familiar.

I hike down to find Jim and Mark from Quakertown, "Jim just released a 16" Rainbow" Mark tells me,
I ask, "Shouldn't you guys be working?"

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