Monday, October 4, 2010

Saturday june 19th Trip

Took three guys out to the Lehigh River up in Whitehaven and Fished where the Haye's Creek comes into the river there. Dick, Stafford, Matt and I worked the river with small Caddis in the morning with little to no action. Only saw a couple of Fish rise. Water temp 69, air temp very high and sky clear. Then I made Sandwiches for lunch around 11:30.

After eating the fish started feeding off the surface on what looked like little Midge Pupa or something very small about a size 22. I put on what I thought should work a 22 spent wing Midge. These fish were picky to say the least. I hooked and dropped one fish while taking a knot out of Matt's Flyline. We Fished until about 2:00 then went to the Mud Run at Hawk Falls. On weekends this can be very crowded, not with Fishermen but with hikers,swimmers and the like. Lots of Bikini,s to add to the scenery! Here we saw no other Fishermen and had about the same action. But I did manage to miss one and catch another on a tiny Pheasant tail Beadhead Nymph.

As Dick was new to Fly Fishing I really wanted to get him hooked up so I took them all over to the Pohopoco Creek in Parryville. Here the story was the same, slow action. We fished hard and Dick did miss fish a number of times but no hookup. with more experience he will come along fine.

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