Tuesday, October 5, 2010

North central region trip oct 1st

I went out to the camp the last week of Sept and found the water VERY LOW as I had expected. Generally after the middle of June the water levels are low on the Pine creek, but this year its lower than Ive seen it in years.

The weather channel has said that rain is on its way, they were not kidding! Between weds and thurs the area got almost three inchs of rain according to the reports, but I think we got more as the creek came up almost to my camper. I had the truck backed right up to the trailer and was ready to pull out if the creek came up any more, but at 9 oclock thurs nite the creek crested and I could relax.

In the days prior to that I did fish the upper section of the Pine with a few fish here and there and one at 17 or so that shook off right at my feet,  the very next cast I was clobbered by a very heavy trout that bit right through 2x tippet swimming off with my Zonker and leaving me feeling like Chief Brody in Jaws when he saw the shark for the first time "I gotta get bigger tippet" at least fluorocarbon 2x anyway. I gave it 24 hours and went back the next evening but they were havin none of it. oh well I,ll get another chance at that fish as nobodys out fishing now that its bow season.

Now is the time for big trout and they want big stuff like size 4 zonkers,clousers mudlers and such.  An egg sucking leach is not at all a bad idea as these trout are spawning now.   You can bet I,ll be back at that pool next trip out, and I,ll be ready THIS TIME!       

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