Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday june 6th trip

I took Adam W. over to the Pohopoco Creek in Parryville to fish the Damm. Here we found lots of fish working on what looked like 14 Cahills about 8:15 am and by 10:00 we caught many. then we went to a 16 tan body elk hair Caddis and caught more., just for fun i tied on a green body bead head caddis nymph and got a couple on that too., Then switched to a 16 sulfur and they took that for a while as well. Most of these Fish were Brook Trout that had been recently stocked one or two Rainbow Trout with a few Brown Trout that have been in a while and at least three of those Browns were native as we have lots of wild browns in this Creek As Adam was visiting Jim Thorpe with his wife that weekend, he said "Iv,e caught enough trout, lets stop now so I can get back sooner to be with my wife" He then said "This was the best day fly fishing Iv,e ever had in the East" That was at 2:30 pm. I wish more trips were like this one! We really hit em good!

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