Monday, October 4, 2010

New article for new year!

As everyone knows the weather has been very cold the last month of 09 and the first two weeks of 2010. So when it warmed just a little I went right to my favorite tailwater The Pohopoco creek. I fished for about fifteen mins and hooked a 19 inch brown on a 18 beadhead phesant tail! it happened right away, and I thought, Alright!! This is gonna be a big day! after a good look at him he went back in. Well I fished for five more hours and turned only two more that I missed anyway. But had I not gone out that morning I would never have gotten that big fish! That was on sat the 16th of Jan., A TIME OF YEAR WHEN EVEN SOME FLYSHOP GUYS WILL TELL YOU YOUR WASTING YOUR TIME! And they want your buisness. this fish was skinny,WINTER SKINNY! there is very little food around when its very cold and whats hatching is very small. but just like us, THEY HAVE TO EAT EVERY DAY! So dont think you cant catch fish now. and dont listen to those who say so THEY ARE WRONG! And its nice to be on the creek anyway, it keeps me from climbing the walls! I go out anytime the temp is 39 or higher for the day. that way my guides dont freeze. April is still a long way out.,so go fish now! you may be surprised at how nice it is on the creek and With any luck you too can catch a big fish

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