Monday, October 4, 2010

Friday Sept 17th

I had a class to teach for four guys new to Fly Fishing.  When they scheduled it they asked if they could learn casting where they could catch a trout,

Usually I would bring beginners to a pond or a lake where it is wide open so they wont have any thing in their way while they learn casting but thought, I know a spot on the south branch of the raritan river they could cast from and that place has a lot of trout! and can be good fishing.

. They bought new stocking foot waders for this class and did not know that they needed boots as well, so when we met up at the river they had these waders on OVER THEIR  SHOES!   They looked like Dr Suess characters. I told them that by the time we get from the truck to the water they will have ruined the new gear but they did not worry much about it and who could blame them. whatareyagonnado?

It had rained the night before and the river was up a little and off color a bit, And thats great for fishing streamers so thats what they all got tied on their leaders. Olive zonkers size 6. I have to say they were casting pretty good out the gate and even got a bite or two here and there. When I would take a rod from someone to show a cast, I would then show how to strip the fly back towards you in a short quick manner and hooked three trout that way, then handing the rod back saying "Here quick, your hooked up!"
these were all 10 to 12 inch trout that are stocked over the spring. They all had a good time,  the class went easy and not one of my rods got broken., so I would say it was a success.   

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