Monday, October 4, 2010

March 15th

7 Inchs of rain has fallen since Friday in some parts of New Jersey. Towns like Bound Brook, Manville and many other towns further to the north and east are flooded. This is BAD NEWS for all the People that live there. They have to clean up such a mess. Their Homes/Vehicles are under up to 15ft of water and the rivers are not going to crest for another few days. More heavy rain is coming this weekend! Until it happens to you, you will never understand how hard it is,not the work, but the loss! People will say "Its just stuff".

Photographs, Artwork, Antiques, Handwritten letters/articles and so on are not replaceable. Some will say "I would never live there" or "Why don't they just leave" These people own homes that are difficult if not impossible to sell given their location in such flood prone areas. So they have to "Tuff it out" but after a while its no life! However they keep on going, what else can they do? But when is enough, enough?

Some day we will see legislation that will put a stop to this Madness! Building Homes in low lying areas along rivers or on the Ocean front at the Jersey Shore will come to a stop! Also the enforcement of Eminent Domain on homes that are in flood zones, they will be razed and removed from these areas so Nature can then reclaim them. If we want to look to the future and say we're ready, this is one of the many steps we have to take. As Fishermen this is something we have to watch VERY closely since it will EFFECT ALL OF US!

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