Monday, October 4, 2010

march 1st trip to mud run

On monday March 1st I took two new friends to the Mud Run in the Hickory Run State Park and we hiked down to Hawk Falls through about a foot of snow! It looked as if someone had snowshoed in a day or two before. We found the creek very clear and at a nice level, not as high as you would think with all the snow. the air temp at 39 or so.water temp was 37. We each fished our own nymphs here. I was useing my size 18 beadhead pheasant tail with some split shot and an indicator. the fish were not very impressed! After some time I got one strike that I missed and so I switched to a black wooly bugger with no better luck. My friends did not do any better either, but youve got to be in it to win it,and the scenery cant be beat! we then took turns fishing the pool at the Hawk Falls where it drops into the Mud Run this is got to be one of the most picture perfect places in the park. Here we got two looks but no takers. But if it wasent for the sound of the traffic on the Turnpike just overhead you would think you might be in Idaho or Wyoming! I kept looking for the ghost of John Denver to ride through the trees, or maybe Jeremiah Johnson packing through with his Beaver pelts! This is such beautiful country up here, I cant wrap my mind around how just two exits down is Allentown.

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